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About Organic Landscaping

With traditional landscape maintenance techniques and practices, most of the the products used end up degrading the soil, polluting nearby water sources, and posing a serious health threat to humans, pets, and wildlife. According to reasearch done by Duke University, 3 million tons of fertilizers and 30,000 tons of synthetic pesticides are used on US lawns annually. This research also found that the average home owner in the US uses 10 time the amount of pesticides used by the average farmer. Many of these chemicals can remain in soil for lifetimes. These statistics are alarming and we as a company have decided not to be a part of this trend.

It is truly possible to raise healthy and beautiful plants and lawns without the use of chemicals. Instead we use natural and organic additives and common sense problem solving solutions. The best defense against pests, lawn weeds, and plant disease is a healthy and hardy landscape. While it is true that an organic approach can sometimes take longer or involve multiple steps, we strive to truly fix common problems in support of an ecosystem that will thrive long term. This is far superior to slapping a bandaid on problems with the use of quick fix chemicals. Once we have your landscape in a state of balanced health, you will end up facing fewer problems in the long run.


We are passionate about plants, nature, and landscape maintenance. We are also passionate about our neighbors, community, and our planet. Through a careful approach to landscape maintenance and the avoidance of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, we want to do our part to make urban natural environments beautiful without contributing to what we see as a major environmental problem.

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