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Information and Questions

What differences should I expect between organic landscaping and traditional services?

As a home owner, you won't notice much diffeence in our services. We do all the same things as a traditional maintenance company, but with organic additives rather than chemicals. We also strive to take a holistic look at your ecosystem and solve common problems using common sense approaches that promote long term health and hardiness.

When is my bill due and how do I pay?

If you are on a regular maintenance contract, you will be billed at the end of the month and your payment will be due on the 28th of the following month. Invoices for one time jobs will be sent out soon after the job is complete and will be due in 21 days. You can pay by check in the mail or through our online payment page which links to paypal. 

Do I have to sign a contract?

If you plan to have on-going, regular maintenance, we will develop a contract for your property. We will send you several options that incorporate different levels of service and allow you to choose the plan that best suits you. 

Why do I pay the same amount every month, even though you visit more in the summer?

When you sign a contract with Flora, we will determine how often to visit during different seasons based on your individual needs. We determine the yearly hours of landscaping service time and divide that into 12 monthly payments. This allows you to plan for an expected amount each month without significant fluctuation according to the season. When we add additional one-time services to a visit, you will be billed for this on your next invoice on top of your monthly payment.

Can I add one time services to my monthly maintenance?

Absolutely! We understand that a truly healthy landscape often requires periodic services that might not be part of your on-going maintenance plan. When one time needs arise, we can provide you with an estimate and schedule the service into your maintenance visit. We are also happy to monitor your property and identify periodic needs as they arise. 

How can I let you know if I plant something new in my yard?

We are always available by phone or email if you plant something new that you want us to be aware of. We can also provide you with small markers to alert us to new plantings.

Can you help support my cannabis plants?

We are OMMP friendly and our team is experienced with the cultivation of marijuana. We can help maintain your outdoor plants and consult with you if you are new to growing cannabis. We are also able to discreetly haul and dispose of debris related to cannabis cultivation.

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